Is Your Business Prepared For Winter?

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snow-removal-plowing-contractor-Kansas-City-Overland-ParkIn just a few short months the weather will be quite a bit different in the Kansas City area and when the snow and ice are falling, you can rely on Snow Plow KC to handle snow removal, snow plowing and sidewalk shoveling for your business. Although it is only August, it has not been uncommon for snow storms to hit the Kansas City as early as October and having a snow removal plan in place will save you from trying to hire a snow contractor when it may very well be too late.

Commercial Snow Removal Company in Kansas City and Overland Park

Having reliable, efficient snow removal in the winter months will no doubt help keep your business running even when snow and ice are at commercial-snow-removal-contractor-Kansas-Citytheir worst and no other snow removal company does it better than Snow Plow KC. We monitor local weather conditions through multiple sources and make sure that your sidewalks and commercial-snow-removal-contractor-Kansas-City-Olatheparking lots have ice melt/salt applied long before the first flakes start to fall. By applying ice melt before winter weather arrives, vehicles and pedestrians can safely traverse in and out of your parking lot and business without the risk of slipping, falling, or having a vehicular accident which can be a huge liability to you. Once snow and/or ice begin to accumulate at your business our snow plows and snow shoveling teams launch into action to make sure every square inch of your business is safe for both foot traffic and vehicle traffic. Then after the snow/ice storm has passed through the Kansas City area, Snow Plow KC snow plowing and snow shoveling teams will continually and proactively address any refreezing and snow drifting that may occur keeping your business safe and accessible. now Plow KC provides complete snow removal and snow and ice management which means that we do not rest until your business is snow and ice-free but most of all safe for your employees and customers. If your business or commercial property in the greater Kansas City would like an in person quote on snow plowing, sidewalk shoveling and snow removal services call Snow Plow KC today at (816) 808-6599 or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US. 

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