Snow and Ice Melting

Snow and Ice Melting

sidewalk shoveledIt’s safe to say that most everyone living in the Kansas City area has slipped and fallen on snow or ice during the winter months. Unlike vehicles with four wheel drive and traction control, people can easily loose their balance on untreated sidewalks, walkways and emergency exits which is why Snow Plow KC helps reduce the risk of injury andshovel liability by melting and removing snow and ice from your business property in the Kansas City area. Prior to winter snow and/or ice storms, the commercial snow removal team at Snow Plow KC will pre-treat your sidewalks, outside break areas and emergency exits with top quality ice and snow melting chemicals that are also environmentally friendly. Once the snow and ice has begun to fall, our sidewalk ice melt team will continue to clear sidewalks, pathways, entrances and exits repeatedly long after the inclement weather has ceased to ensure safe passage in and out of your business. Our relentless approach to making certain the pathways, sidewalks and anywhere potential foot traffic could travel in and out of your business will ensure your customers and employees can safely and effortlessly enter and exit your business. Snow Plow KC helps business owners in the Kansas City area remain open, increase safety and reduce liability even during the worst snow and ice storms.

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