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Don’t Be Caught Without Reliable Snow Removal This Winter


commercial-snow-removal-contractor-Kansas-City-OlatheThe official start of winter is only 3 months away but if you live in the Kansas City area, you know very well that snow and ice storms can come anytime during the fall. While snow and ice storms may create a lovely landscape, they can completely disrupt your business if you don’t have reliable, efficient snow removal services it could cost your productivity and money. Keeping your business accessible and safe during winter storms is your responsibility if you are a business owner or property manager, snow plowing your parking lots or garages, shoveling sidewalks and emergency exits and salting/de-icing any areas that pedestrians or vehicles travel on should be a top priority and no one does it better then Snow Plow KC.

Commercial Snow Removal and Snow Plowing in Kansas City and Overland Park

At the first sign of an approaching winter storm, Snow Plow KC’s snow removal team is already out making sure your parking lots/garages Kansas-City-snow-removal-contractor-Overland-Park-Lenexaand sidewalks are pre-treated with salt and ice melt. Salt spreading and ice melt are the first line of defense that will ultimately prevent slips, falls and vehicular accidents in the early stages of the winter storm and truly lays the foundation for effective and efficient snow removal. Once the snow and ice begin to accumulate and overwhelm the effectiveness of salt and ice melt, Snow Plow KC’s snow plowing and sidewalk snow shoveling teams leap into action providing snow-contractor-plowing-Overland-Park-Kansas-City-Lenexacomplete and total snow removal until winter weather is long gone. Unlike most commercial snow removal companies in Kansas City, Snow Plow KC will monitor your business or commercial property long after the winter storm has passed. Re-freezing and snow drifts are a hazard and typically occur after winter storms have passed and during the overnight hours which is why Snow Plow KC will keep checking the effectiveness of our snow removal and ice melting service to make sure that your business or commercial property is safe and accessible. No matter when or where winter weather strikes in the greater Kansas City area, Snow Plow KC will be busy plowing parking lots and garages, shoveling snow from sidewalks and spreading sale and ice melt that ensure the businesses can remain open even when the snow and ice are at their worst. To schedule a consultation and receive a bid on commercial snow removal and plowing services in Kansas City, call Snow Plow KC today at (816) 808-6599 or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US by email. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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